Aurora Boreala

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Teams League

1. Make your own team minimum 4 players(will be good if you will have 2-4 substitutes in your team) who will be able to play 2-4 competitions by week.

2.Find a nice name for your team.

3. Announce the organizators that you want to participate at this competition.

4. Organizators will make a shedule and they will post each game when you and your opponents have an agreement for the day and hour when to play.

5. All players will behave according  BBO Code of Conduct.


1. Treat your partner , opponents and TD with respect and courtesy.

2. English only during all the bids and the play.

3. Announce your systems and carding.

4. Alert all artificial bids and fully explain them.

5. Zero tolerance for rude behaviour.

5. All BBO rules must be respected.

Mincu Principles


1. Do not go "to steal" when you are in the area.

2. Controls your impulses and do what it need , not what you want.

3. When playing carelessly donate and got 80% instead of 100%, think that you remain uncovered when misfortunes come.

4. Not try to recover boards or games that you think you lost.

5. Do not lie in attack.

6. Luck is with the optimistic.

7. Do not ask unnecessary information.

8. If you have received a gift, stop and focus not give it back immediately. Joy of the moment can make you to do mistakes.

9. Reaction speed matters a lot. In flank, think with declarant , so he will be not  able to surprise you with any color.

10. Trying to play faster and better. You will become campion.

11. Do not hesitate to bid, only you obvious reasons, or partner does not will know when to help and when not.

12. No think to much to your partner play when you're dummy ! let to the brain a moments of rest.

Attitudes Towards  Play

1. Talent is worth nothing without hard work .

2. Sit at the table with the intention to make fewer faults and not won first place.

3. In life there is only first place, others places are for your enemies to congratulate you.

4. The card has soul! If you tease her, will revenge.

5. If you do not read as much about bridge play, you will be champion at age 60.

6. Every hobbies require sacrifice, do not hesitate when are possible.

7. The drink has no place in bridge performance. As fatigue and eating  before the contest.

Attitudes towards opponents

1. Do not be haughty with opponents and not minimize it,because also as Dove when he comeback against  the Hawk , the fight becomes equal !

2. Wait the enemy to make mistakes. after this he will risk. Only me not go to recover.

3. If you're a complexed by a player, looking it all the time. You will see him fail. 

4. Hate  is darken  your mind. Play without hatred.

5. Do not neglect technical game when you play with oppenents.

6. Don't treat your opponent as he is Garozzo. But don't treat him as he is a ox. you will have unpleasant surprises 

7. Don't laugh to the opponent that play wrong. It may happen to you too.

Attitudes towards partner

1. Control your relationship permanently.

2. Always trying to win the trust partner.

3. Respected partner, it is your chance to a good result.

4. Not disturb your partner by moves, nervous,.... it will fail.

5. Never say to partner  "I believe" or "I could believe in your call. " better to lose a board  than lose partner's  respect and trust.

Attitudes towards mistakes

1. Do not analysis the lost bord  during the game, you can lose the next one too
2. Be worth when you lose and recognize when you are wrong.
3. Analyze your mistakes after each contest. from them will learn the most more.


1. Vulnerability

2. Principle of anticipation

4. Keep down the bid  when focus for more and jump when you have defensive.

5. Do not bid twice with the same values.

6. When you do not understand, passes.

7. Attention to assessing single honor!


1. Nu pleca la "furat" in zona.

2. Controleaza-ti impulsurile si fa ce trebuie nu ce-ti vine.

3. Cind joci neglijent dona si obtii 80% in loc de 100%, gindeste-te ca vei

ramine descoperit cind vor veni ghinioanele.

4. Nu umbla sa scoti donele pierdute sau meciul pe care CREZI ca l-ai


5. Nu minti in atac.

6. Norocul este alaturi de cel optimist.

7. Nu cere informatii inutile.

8. Daca ai primit un cadou, opreste-te si concentreaza-te sa nu-l dai inapoi imediat. bucuria de moment te poate face sa gafezi.

9. Viteza de reactie conteaza foarte mult. In flanc, gindeste odata cu

declarantul ca sa nu te poata surprinde pe nici o culoare.

10. Incearca sa joci repede si bine. asa vei ajunge campion.

11. Nu ezita in licitatie decit daca ai motive evidente; altfel partenerul nu

va sti cind sa te ajute si cind nu.

12. Nu urmari jocul partenerul cind esti mort! Lasa creierului momente de odihna.


1. Talentul nemuncit din greu nu valoreaza nimic.

2. Asezate la masa cu intentia de gresi cit mai putin, nu de iesi pe locul I.

3. Nu exista in viata decit locul I. restul sint ca sa te felicite dusmanii.

4. Cartea are suflet! daca-ti bati joc de ea, se razbuna.

5. Daca nu citesti cit mai mult bridge, vei ajunge campion la 60 de ani.

6. Toate pasiunile cer sacrificii; nu ezita cind sint posibile

7. Bautura nu are ce cauta in bridge-ul de performanta. la fel oboseala si

mincatul inainte de concurs.


1. Nu fii trufas cu adversarul si nu-l minimaliza, caci si porumbelul cind se intoarce impotriva uliului, lupta devine egala!

2. Pindeste adversarul dupa ce a gresit! El va risca. Numai EU nu plec la recuperare.

3. Daca esti complexat de un anumit jucator, cauta-l tot timpul. toti

gresesc si trebuie sa-l vezi gresind.

4. Ura iti intuneca mintea. nu juca cu ura impotriva nimanui.

5. Joaca cu adversarul, dar nu neglija jocul tehnic.

6. Nu juca ca si cand adversarul este Garozzo, dar nici nu-l trata de bou. poti avea surprize neplacute.

7. Nu ride de adversarul care a gresit. ti se poate intimpla si tie.


1. Controleaza relatia cu partenerul permanent.

2. Incearca permanent sa cistigi increderea partenerului.

3. Respectati partenerul, el este sansa rezultatului tau.

4. Nu face mutari deranjante pentru partener; nervos,... acesta va gresi.

5. Sa nu spui niciodata partenerului "n-am crezut" sau "n-am putut

sa cred in apelul tau". mai bine pierzi dona decit respectul si increderea partenerului.

Atitudini față de GRESELILE

1. Nu analiza dona pierdut în timpul jocului, puteți pierde si următoarea 

2. Fi demn  atunci ai pierdut și să recunoască atunci când ai greșit.

3. Analizeaza greșelile tale după fiecare concurs. Din ele vei învăța cel mai mult.


1. Vulnerabilitate

2. Principiul anticipatiei

4. Tine licitatia cat mai jos cind vrei ma mult si sari cind nu ai defensiv.

5. Nu licita de doua ori aceleasi valori.

6. Cind nu intelegi, paseaza.

7. Atentie la aprecierea onorilor seci!