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Culbertson was born in Poiana Vărbilău in Romania to an American mining engineer, Almon Culbertson, and his Russian wife, Xenya Rogoznaya.  Culbertson was the most successful player in the early '30s, but in 1937 his team was finally beaten by the Austrian team led by Dr Paul Stern, in the final of the first World Teams Championship, his last participation in a tournament match.

Pietro Forquet (b. 1925) - Well-known in international play for his unflappable countenance, Forquet won 15 world championships while a member of the Italian Blue Team. In 1971 he also wrote the book "Bridge with the Blue Team", widely considered to be the world's best collection of fascinating bridge deals.

Alfredo Versace (born June 4, 1969), is an Italien international bridge player. Having watched the game as a youngster at his grandfather's club, he played in his first tournament at the age of 10 and at 15 joined Belladonna-Garozzo on Itay's Lavazza team in Turin.

At 15 years I was terrible, but I wanted to get the respect of the other players. Never do something that anybody could say a word about. That is the first rule to play on a team with champions. Now, I can say that is the first rule to play bridge with anybody. 

Bogdan Marina -watching Him how is playing you may see not only a nice bid But Also a nice play. Calm and ease of play let you understand that nothing can surprise him at the table. Charm and humor accompanies him everywhere.

"Bridge is one of the last games in which the computer is not better". Bill Gates

As a child, Bill Gates learned bridge from his parents. However, he got addicted to bridge through Warren Buffett in the late 1990s; the two now play regularly on OKbridge and in ACBL tournaments. Gates has a reputation as an enthusiastic learner, studying and playing with professionals like Fred Gitelman to refine his game. He has also been tutored by Sharon Osberg, who is a 2-time world champion and Warren Buffett's regular bridge partner. 

‎"Bridge is like golf; you can never achieve perfection." Omar Sharif

Omar Sharif (b. 1932) - Charismatic star of "Lawrence of Arabia" and "Doctor Zhivago", Omar Sharif has also enjoyed a long career as an expert bridge player and columnist.

Benito Garozzo (b. 1927) - One of the world's best players for decades, Garozzo won 13 world championships, including the Bermuda Bowl 10 times. He was a member of the famous Italian Blue Team ("Squadra Azzura") that dominated the global bridge scene during the '60s and '70s. Garozzo still plays actively as a U.S. citizen. American expert Grant Baze once wrote of his experience discussing bridge problems with Garozzo's Blue Team friends: "Occasionally, Forquet and Belladonna would say: 'This problem is too difficult, we are going to have to ask Benito.'"

Radu Vlad - Blondu ' Bridge was his life, good player, good tournament director, good organizer, has guided thousands of players,he formed a nice bridge family around him.

Barbara Seagram (born  in Barbados, West Indies) is a Canadian Registered Nurse and contract bridge writer, teacher, and administrator. In addition to being recognized for her professional bridge teaching business and as co-author of eighteen bridge books.
Daniel Moldovan - Not only bridge player but also International Master of chess. Many bridge players know him as "motanu" or "mega",  born in Medias - near Sibiu and is one of the most prestigious coaches in the country. Multiple national champion and vice-champion. www.logismartsibiu.ro/

The power of  a dream

Sibiu Romania

Happy Women Day

Martina Navratilova (b. 1956) - Tennis legend and winner of 59 Grand Slam titles. On the topic of bridge, she has been quoted as saying "No matter where I go, I can always make new friends at the bridge table." And also: "Bridge teaches logic, reasoning, quick thinking, patience, concentration and partnership skills."

Warren Buffett (b. 1930) - Billionaire investor and philanthropist. Buffett has a reputation of a die-hard player, having been quoted as saying "If I'm playing bridge and a naked woman walks by, I don't even see her."

Giorgio Belladonna ( 1923 - 1995) - Member of the Italian Blue Team that won 13 Bermuda Bowl world championships and three World Olympiads. He, Pietro Forquet and Benito Garozzo often vied for the honor of world's best player at the height of the Blue Team's success. Belladonna enjoyed bidding theory during those times and invented the Roman bidding system along with several other conventions based upon the artificial 1 opening.

Andrei Varlan (a Romanian Professeur diplome par L’Universite Francais de bridge)

- I was at hostel near of Opera, and play bridge.

We wanted to play in 8 but got 16. It was late at night ........

What times.. what times .. (The girls waited in the othersides of the hostel, and we played bridge ... ...

Bridge in France